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Explanation on how to install TigoAntiCheat



You need to make sure that all resources required to run TigoAntiCheat are installed on your FiveM server. Make sure you get the latest version of TigoAntiCheat from GitHub Releases After downloading TigoAntiCheat, install it in a directory of your choice. Then add the following to your server.cfg

# TigoAntiCheat needs access to the following commands in order to start its generated resource
add_ace resource.TigoAntiCheat command.stop allow
add_ace resource.TigoAntiCheat command.start allow
add_ace resource.TigoAntiCheat command.refresh allow

# TigoAntiCheat can't ban people in the admin group and will not checked them when joining the server
add_ace group.admin tigoanticheat.bypass allow

# It should start as one of the first resources
start TigoAntiCheat

After you have added all the necessities into your server.cfg, it is now time to rename all events. To make TigoAntiCheat easy to install and rename events, below is an overview of all search and replace words, which saves a lot of time. Load your entire resource folder into your Visual Studio Code and start renaming every event using search and replace.

List with search and replace

Search Replace
TriggerEvent('esx TriggerEvent('tac
TriggerClientEvent('esx TriggerClientEvent('tac
TriggerServerEvent('esx TriggerServerEvent('tac
TriggerServerEventInternal('esx TriggerServerEventInternal('tac
TriggerEventInternal('esx TriggerEventInternal('tac
RegisterServerEvent('esx RegisterServerEvent('tac
AddEventHandler('esx AddEventHandler('tac
RegisterNetEvent('esx RegisterNetEvent('tac
RegisterServerCallback('esx RegisterServerCallback('tac
TriggerServerCallback('esx TriggerServerCallback('tac
TriggerEvent("esx TriggerEvent("tac
TriggerClientEvent("esx TriggerClientEvent("tac
TriggerServerEvent("esx TriggerServerEvent("tac
TriggerServerEventInternal("esx TriggerServerEventInternal("tac
TriggerEventInternal("esx TriggerEventInternal("tac
RegisterServerEvent("esx RegisterServerEvent("tac
AddEventHandler("esx AddEventHandler("tac
RegisterNetEvent("esx RegisterNetEvent("tac
RegisterServerCallback("esx RegisterServerCallback("tac
TriggerServerCallback("esx TriggerServerCallback("tac

After you've search and replace all events you have to look at the list of overview that is outside of this search and replace list. You can find the overview in: Overview of other events. Once you are sure that all events have been renamed, we will need to add and modify the config to match your server.


Configuration of TigoAntiCheat can be found in Config.lua The configuration has different config options, in the overview below each config option is explained.

Option Example Options Type Description
Language en en, nl string Language used in TigoAntiCheat
UpdateIdentifiers true true, false boolean Ban new identifiers when match has found with existing ban
BypassEnabled true true, false boolean Players that has the permission AntiCheat.BypassAce will never be banned and checked
DiscordWebhook string You need to create a webhook url to stay up to date with new bans on your discord
VPNCheckEnabled true true, false boolean Once someone joins, check if IP is flagged as VPN or suspicious IP
VPNAPIKey ODU0NDpuU1lTREFiTzRQV..... string You need to create an API key to use the API, create an account and API key at IPHub
RunningOS win win, lux string To ensure that OS-specific components work correctly, the operating system your using must be defind.
BypassAce tigoanticheat.bypass string If you have your own permission ace, you can overwrite the default with your own
EnableCountryWhitelist false true, false boolean You can set the country from which the IP must come in order to join
CountryWhitelist { 'EN', 'NL' } Alpha-2 country codes -> string List of Alpha-2 codes that can join when EnableCountryWhitelist is enabled

AntiCheat.Generators This describes which client files need to be encrypted and started and which order, if you want to disable functions or anticheat checks, set enabled to false and it will not be added and loaded.


TigoAntiCheat should now be successfully installed.